Professional Photographers and Photographic Studios


Professional photographers are often tied to the fashion industry, but their work include much more. Professional photographers don’t just take photos, they also edit, develop, and sometimes print clients’ pictures on different material. In order to produce high quality photographs, a photographer must be familiar with different tools and hardware, lenses and filters, must be able to effectively manipulate surroundings and lightning, and must be proficient in photo editing software.

There are many reasons why people would seek services of professional photographers and photographic studios. Photographers can be hired by individuals to document private special events, such are weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. Some professional photo agencies, aside from taking photographs, also provide services of video recording of such events, delivering the material on CDs or through digital transfer.

Photographers are also hired by agencies, companies, or corporations, usually for advertising purposes. They work closely with graphic designers and web developers to create effective marketing campaigns and web presentations.

Some photographers sell their photos through their websites or stock image platforms. Stock images are often pictures of famous landmarks and turist places, interior or landscape, photos of plants, animals or still life, or people in everyday situations. Some stock image distributors offer variety of images depicting object such are food, furniture, cars or commercial products. Other specialize in outdoor photography, sometimes even in extreme conditions, such is underwater photography.

Many photographers work as freelancers and seasonal employees on luxury international cruisers, in popular tourist resorts or in television and news agencies.

Photographic studios sometimes offer services of professional photo shoot. Some photo studios offer services such are make-up and hairdressing to the clients who want to create portfolios or photo books for television, film or modeling industy. Those photo books usually contain portraits and whole-figure photos in color or black and white. Some clients use photo shoot services not just for creating a professional portfolio, but also to create pictures for social media profiles or holiday greeting cards.

Although much of the work today is digital, some photographic studios produce images using old techniques and filters, such is polaroid. Some studios sell photographic and lightning equipment, and sometimes rare, vintage cameras and films.

In some countries, photos for identification documents, such are drivers licenses and passports, can or must be delivered by the individuals themselves. They can have their photos developed in photographic studios, where the professionals are familiar with standard dimensions and other requirements. This practice is becoming rare, as more countries are adopting the biometric identification system.

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